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Chinese data centre services

Chinese data centre services



Access to China Chinese data centre services

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Chinese Data centres

In China, there are many IT cloud and data centre services companies.

Most data centres in China are run and owned by government Chinese businesses or large national companies, i.e., Alibaba.

To purchase a Chinese data centre or cloud services, you will require an Internet content provider (ICP) certificate regardless of whether you publish on the Internet.

There are many data centres in China to support the large growth of the Chinese high-performing Internet in China.

Operating standards between these data centre platforms varies greatly between data centres.

Many IT services are now supplied on platforms integrating social media and IT services. The most successful: WeChat (Tencent).



Very fast growth in Chinese Data Centres

To enable internet use to grow in China quickly the Chinese government funded the building of data centres in China through regional and national business.

Local and regional government agencies administer and monitor the publishing of information independently of any data centre ownership. Their main concern is data made available to the public. Data within companies, flowing through data centres and not available to the public, is not an issue, provided the Chinese business is operating business legally.

Given the speed at which Data Centres have been built in China, the operating standards can be an issue. We only use Data Centres with international certification.

The growth in platforms combining social media and IT services has allowed government and public services to be integrated into a single app.


our service

Our Data Centre services in China

Access to China has been supplying data centre services in China for over 18 years. We have a modem set of services available, e.g.;

► Cloud services for large and smaller needs

► Hardware co-locating

► Networking, switching and firewall setup and management for cloud service and co-locating

► Independent data centre from network providers: multi-network providers, international routing, etc

► High level of site physical security

► International certificated data centre (Tier III and IV)

Support and advise on ICP requirements.

Supplier ICP certification where appropriate.



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