Being seen on the Chinese internet

Being seen on the Chinese internet

Being seen on the Chinese internet

Being found on the internet in China

There are many tools and services on the Chinese internet to help internet sites be found by Chinese business and people in China.

The structure of the Chinese internet has the same components as rest of the world e.g. search engines, social media, etc. Like the rest of the world, you can invest time and resources in promoting your business on Chinese internet.

This information is the basic need to start get your business found on the Chinese internet.

Using the analogy of a score of 1 to 12 to measure your visibility on the Chinese internet where a score of 12 is where you proactively promoting your business in many channels on the Chinese internet.

Having your internet site visible on the Chinese internet get you score of 3.

Having a good Chinese internet identity, being in correctly listed in the Chinese search engines, etc (see below) will increase your score to 6.

Going from 1 to 6, maybe using Access to China platforms, should be low cost and risk.

Going from 7 to 12 can be very costly and high risk. If you can score of 6, then you can see what interest you are receiving from the Chinese internet and determine your next level of investment.

None of points cover below will work unless you first make sure your internet site can be seen in China. Please do not invest time and money until access to your company information on the Chinese internet has been resolved.


Last modified: November 2019