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what is happening

The international internet is slow to access in China

Overseas social media is blocked in China, meaning that your company website is your digital footprint in China.

Over 80% of websites cannot be seen in China.

Overseas websites are mostly very slow, taking 30 to 60 seconds to load a page. Google home page takes over 180 seconds to load the home page.

When a website page is loaded, it often has missing data, e.g., social media content: videos, images, etc.

If you use a Cloud service to host your website with a content delivery network (CDN) for images, video, etc, these contents are often not seen in China.


The internet runs slower outside China due to traffic going back and forward across the Pacific Ocean

Often, the assumption is that your website is blocked by the Chinese “great firewall”. Very few websites in China are completely blocked in China, e.g., overseas social media sites.

While few websites are directly blocked, some overseas websites, e.g., Google, only allow low-network connection to the internet in China. This leads to very slow data transfer times, loading the Google website very slowly.

Most websites, these days, are written using third-party services, e.g., software, files and systems. These third-party services are run on a single domain name and IP address, e.g., Google font files using the Google domain name.

China monitors and controls the contents of the internet in China. The main controls that are available are my IP address. Blocking an IP address or greatly slowing down network connection. Overseas third-party website services have a single domain name using an IP address containing the contents from many sources. In these cases, the overseas services are given a low-network connection.

A business website is not an issue for the Chinese authorities running on its own domain. If your website overseas uses data software from third-party services, which has restricted network speed in China, it will greatly slow down your website, making it unavailable in China.



our service

Our Asian cloud services have fast access to the Chinese internet

There are three Asian services that support you’re your business services in China.

Hong Kong cloud services – This has fast access to the internet in China. Given the cost of the internet correction to China, we recommend that this service be used for indexing, system files and database; important and small files.

Japan and Taiwan cloud services – These services also have a fast connection to China. The internet costs are a lot lower than in Hong Kong and therefore recommended for large files, video, media, etc.

China cloud services – These services are available from the Chinese Data Centre. Please see the Chinese Data Centre services for more information.



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