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Local terms

Local terms

Complex words and abbreviations

Transaction of complex words and abbreviations check list

Within your internet content, use words and combinations of words which are commonly used in international business. Avoid using combinations of words which have multiple meanings, are colloquial or do not have a direct translation, e.g.

Farm produce – “produce” is not a word that will translate in conjunction with “farm”. In the case, farm food is a better option.

This problem is also made worse by the automate language translation software. These tools are current only able to handle simplified language structure.

Many Chinese business / staff used Chinese translation software on their PC and mobiles.

The other set of words to avoid is abbreviation e.g. min / max. Translation software will be able to correctly translate many of the abbreviations.

While these points are very basic and straight forward. Please do not see this as a “dummying down” your written language, you are creating an opportunity to describe your business to an overseas market.

last modified: Version 1.3 - 18 June 2019