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Chinese internet multi-media check list

Access to China strongly recommend your business takes notices of the importance of multi-media for trading in China. On-line multi-media is viewed on mobiles and tablets at home, while travelling and in the offices / schools. Viewing multi-media on mobile and tablets has overtaken the watching TV.

Multi-media for information, promotions, selling, training, etc, are successfully bridging the gap between Language, cultures and the understanding of business and products.

Here are a few examples ….


This is a promotional video in English with heading and subtitles in Chinese. The issue of a Chinese actress shopping is nice touch.  

Many people watch films with subtitles from many different countries and languages. Subtitles seem to be preferred way of watch overseas media contents instead of dubbing spoken Chinese.



This is a promotional video, for the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&M).

This video is in Chinese with a Chinese presenter. It is very good. It is more expensive option and while it is a good investment the subtitle option should not be under estimated.


This example here uses amination. If the amination is kept to presentation format it can be the cheapest of the three video formats.

Normally with these videos there is an option to click through to your website and / or social media. This “Click through” for Chinese user is recorded between 2% to 3% which in some of the highest in the world.

Multi-media publications have rules and regulations regarding what can and can be published in China. Please take advise before you sign-off any script.

Chinese people often watch multi-media with sub-titles. Adding sub-titles to your multi-media will help in the understanding of your business, products and services.

These videos can also be loaded to local social media in China e.g. YouKu, to further your business exposure.

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