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For all of us which trying to learn a second language we start with basic words. In the same way a child learns to talk.

Over time we will learn move complex words and language structures. English is good example of this. You only have to use a thesaurus to start seeing how complex the language can be. Sometimes called Richness of the English Language. To achieve complex understanding of any language takes many years of study and daily use.

The other issue with the English language is it is spoken differently in different parts of the world. The English language adapts and changes as needed. Also, the English is a combination of many languages, French, Latin, etc. and therefore has many different spelling rules depending on origin of the word.

Given these general points using common words which you learn in the first few years of learning English and avoiding using combination of words that need explaining / thinking about the first time you see them will help greatly in understanding your description of business and products / services, e.g.

Farm produce - produce is not a word that will translate in conjunction with Farm. In the case Farm food or specific product groups, Organic foods.

This problem is also made worse by the automate language translation software. These tools are current only able to handle simplified language structure which in the case of English which is common across many counties.

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Our recommendation is that you use words and combinations of words which are commonly used and avoid using combination of words which have an applied meaning that may not have a direct translation.

The other set of words to avoid is abbreviation e.g. min / max. Translation software will be able to correctly translate many of the abbreviations.

While these points are very basic and straight forward it is surprising the business, websites trying to sell overseas using a complex English structure. Please do not see this as a “dummying down” your written English but as opportunity to create clear meaningful descriptions.

Web page last modified: May 2018