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Ranging from consumers, wholesalers, agents, and factories, from raw materials to the products in the hands of the consumer. Access to China, a UK based company, has been operating in the Chinese markets for over 20 years with over 100 years of experience among our staff.

Over the last ten years, China has moved most of its trading online. Given the size of the country and cities and 1.4 billion people, the Internet has allowed the country to grow its internal markets. This has allowed consumer prices to be driven down and quality to be greatly increased. Given these and many other benefits, the adoption of Internet technology has been fast in China.

This adoption of new technology does not stop with the internet; green technology adoption is growing very fast. Green tech is seen in China as cheaper, fastest and functionality richer. The Chinese government are driving the development due to the high pollution level in China.

Green technology our focus for 2024. Today, China is the world's largest producer and user of Green technology.


Largest online market
Largest online market
Largest online market
Largest online market
Largest online market
Largest online market

Access to the world's largest market

Overseas social media is not available in China. Having your website seen and found is critical to successful business relationship building in China.

Many regions and countries worldwide speak Mandarin, i.e., Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, California, Hong Kong, Vietnam and many more. Adding Mandarin language to your SEO data can open your website to trading worldwide beyond China. The Chinese market goes way beyond the 1.4 billion people living in China.

Given the importance of being seen on the internet in China and Chinese markets worldwide, Access to China focus of our business is getting your business, products and services seen online in China.

Chinese green technology
Chinese green technology
Chinese green technology
Chinese green technology
Chinese green technology
Chinese green technology

Chinese green technology

Green Technology is key to most businesses’ growth in the next five years. Chinese Green Technology has been developing rapidly, given consumers and government demands to reduce China's high pollution levels.

Green technology is key to most businesses’ growth in the next five years.

The development of Green Technology is starting to give greater efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase productivity, i.e., electric vehicles; greatly reduced operating costs, greatly improved performance, and improved safety.

We believe Green Technology should give you more, not less.


Sourcing from China
Sourcing from China
Sourcing from China
Sourcing from China
Sourcing from China
Sourcing from China

Sourcing products and services from China

For the last 40 years, China has built up its manufacturing base to be one of the most successful in the world.

In recent years, the growth of the Chinese domestic consumer market has increased imports from overseas of high-quality products. In turn, this has driven up the quality of locally produced products. Today, China is moving towards better quality products.

Lower-quality products are moving to other Asian countries.

The global issues, starting with the virus in early 2020 and continuing today with conflicts around the world, resulted in a rethinking of supply chains. The repatriation of manufacturing back to your country using China's production know-how is an option for consideration.


Chinese information
Chinese information
Chinese information
Chinese information
Chinese information
Chinese information

Chinese trading information and recommendation

Access to China information and recommendations for your consideration to support your Chinese trading ambitions. In our trading in China for over 20+ years, running and operating Chinese businesses, we have gathered lots of information and recommendations.

  • Short video presentations (coming February 2024)
  • Internet in China information
  • Papers and reports
  • Useful links

We are happy to share this information and are always interested in adding to the pool of information. Any ideas, requests or information, very well.


Chinese search engines

search engine

Chinese search engine check list

Lead by Baidu, the Chinese search engines have been very successful in domination of the internet in China.

This has been helped many years ago, when Google and Chinese authorities could not fine away of working on the internet in China. Today, Google search engine, applications, files, etc have very limited access from the internet in China.

The latest Chinese search engine, Shenma, is mobile based and indexes consumer products. This enables searching of local and international consumer products from one application. If your sell consumer products on internet, we recommend checking Shenma to see if your products are listed.

These are the main Search Engines used in China and their current market share, as at April 2018.

Chinese serhc engine - Baidu


Market Share: 75.88%

Baidu was the Google replacement in China. It filled the gap left in the market by a “blocked”. In China. The issue with Baidu, if there is, you cannot determine in the results which are Ad placements and which listing which best matches your results. This is different to Google where Ads are clearly marked.

Chinese search engine - Shenma


Market Share: 9.35%

Shenma will believe is the most interesting development in search engine in the last year. Shenma, part of the Alibaba family, is trying to bridge the gap between a traditional search engine and e-Commerce site; Tmall, JDBuy, Amazon, etc. and more interesting independent on-line store. Their growth of the Chinese search engine market, 10% (April 2018), in just over year. With fast market growth, Shenma is finding traction market.


Chinese search engine - 360 Search

360 Search

Market Share: 6.37%

QiHoo360 started in PC security. In part, it could be compared to Norton 360. The major difference, is it is free of cost it and has access to you PC software data which is uses to make recommendation and display adverts. Many Chinese PC install 360 to protect their PCs / mobiles from hacking which it is has been successful in preventing. In doing so, when 360 Search Engine installed on PC their search engine in promoted, like Microsoft used to automatically install their IE browser.Qi

Chinese search engine - Sogou


Market Share: 3.59%  

Sogou is part of the Tencent software collection. Sogou links to the rest of Tencent software product range e.g. QQ and WeChat. Given this integration with WeChat and QQ the Sogou growth in the Chinese Search Engine has not happen. This we believe is due the growth in use of Tencent WeChat platform which contains its own search engine.


google logo


Market Share: 1.67%

Google while have over 80% of the world-wide search engine market. In China they less than 2% of the market.


bing logo


Market Share: 1.14%

Bing, Microsoft search engine, is not blocked. Bing is an international with its advance search engine software cannot get any traction in China. A reasoning for this could be explained by their luck of partner in China i.e. Alibaba, Tencent, etc.

The other and small Chinese search engines have a market share of approx. 2.00%.

Chinese search engine webmaster

Chinese search engines all have Webmaster like Google or Bing.

In Chinese Pingyin is Webmaster is known as “Zhanzhang”.

The webmaster links are as follows;


What is an internet search?

If you ask; what is a Search Engine or how do you Search in China (or in the ROW) most of the time you will get an answer like this: -

360 Search


The problem is the question you are asking, "were do you go to search" allows people to think a long traditional line. Search must mean Search Engine.

If you ask the "Search" question more specifically you start getting different answers.

  • Where do you go and search for music?
  • Where do you go and search for shoes?
  • Where do you search for new forklift truck?

You start seeing different answers...




JD Buy


If we ask the same question outside China, Amazon is the most used consumer search engine in the market currently.

In China you do have the advantage of Shenma which trying to bridge the gap between the search engines and retail e-Commerce site.

WeChat platform has its own built in search engine. Opening WeChat account and linking your internet contents will give your business exposure in WeChat.

Chinese search engine recommendations

  1. Make sure your website contents can be seen in China
  2. Check to see if your internet contents can be seen in Chinese search engine
  3. Check to see if your products can be seen in Chinese e-malls
  4. List your internet contents in Chinese search engines webmaster - “Zhanzhang”
  5. Open a WeChat account and link your internet contents

Last modified: July 2019