Chinese market internet contents

Your internet contents, website, social media, store, etc., in many ways is the simplest to adapt for the Chinese market. China has traded very successfully international for over 50 years and their demand for overseas goods and services grows monthly.

While there are elements of change which may require your software developer, e.g. mobile and tablet look and feel, most of the changes need to be driven by your business.

Chinese mostly start trading on the internet or at trade fairs. The size of China is like the USA, people do not travel for hours when the business can be started on the internet or over the telephone.

It is very important that your business can be seen on the internet in China if want trade with the Chinese.

Having simple few internet pages, i.e. your business card and brochure on-line, is better than incorrect internet content when trading overseas.

If time does allow for major changes we recommend simplifying your internet content and removing out of date contents.