Business to Business 66 Project


B2B66 has been created for the on-line marketing of business and products / services in mainland China.

While China is known as one of the world’s greatest exporters China also imports $US 2,000 billion of goods & services annually.

Many countries outside China, like the UK, have strong Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The issue is that the B2B trading in China, like Alibaba, are expensive for SMEs

These higher costs makes sense inside China, by keeping the prices high it has successfully removed many Chinese SMEs i.e. the “Cheap” or “Copy” goods.

This is not helpful for overseas business wishing to “try out” the Chinese market. The costs are high to start with and often there is a premier for overseas company.

Chinese internet consumer are use to having different websites for different needs. This is how the internet in China has developed. Big websites / collections of websites meeting specific Chinese needs.

China wants / needs to import goods from the rest of the world. In many cases it is challenging to know where to start. The matching of the Chinese need with overseas suppliers is difficult as there is no single point of reference. In China there are export agents- Multimillion $US businesses whose sole purpose is to match overseas demand to Chinese factories.

Please see: Access to China – Export agent.

Access to China is creating a different approach, not just a search engine for overseas company businesses, it is the integration of your company website into Chinese internet and search engine / social media will give your business the same opportunity of been seen as you have in the rest of the world.

This different approach along with website hosting in mainland China and a pricing structure which reflects the internet costing world-wide will allow SMEs to “Try out” the Chinese market with low business risk

The range of products, includes;

  • Brand registration
  • B2B66 search engine
  • Local Chinese website hosting
  • Chinese search engine SEO
  • Local language
  • Your business website accessible in China

Access to China has already created the software. It will be based in two locals, Mainland China and Hong Kong. The B2b66 search engines in both locations will be indexing the same business in each engine. This will enable companies who cannot be hosted in mainland China to still have access to search engines etc.;



B2B66 system

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