Want to grow your business in China?

Are you getting your share of the large yearly growth of online and mobile shopping, trading and information gathering in China? If not, it's probably due to lack of or poor visibility on the internet to Chinese market.

If you are serious about China, you need to be visible on the Internet in China!

Most overseas websites cannot be seen in China. It is a straight forward process to correct this using Access to China products and services.

We have a unique understanding of the practical and legal web issues, restrictions and requirements in China and how to help companies have optimum web visibility there. We have over 16 years’ experience serving international companies working in China. We are proud to offer a credible, competitive and guaranteed service to our clients.

Our company was founded to help business be seen in China on the internet and to give software companies access to the Chinese market.

This month we see the start of our own Cloud Hosting Services in China. We believe this is a first for an overseas company in China.

Our knowledge and advice is free. Our Chinese Cloud Hosting Services is available when you want to make a start in the Chinese market.

Access to China Projects

Access to China undertakes projects each year to enhance the services we offer.

The big change that happened late 2016 is that we were given agreement to host websites in mainland China.

There have been a number of the long term issues. By just offering Asia websites hosting it does not necessary mean a customer website will be seen. Hosting a website / internet presence in China requires certifications and in most cases a local Chinese business.

Traffic to your website world-wide is not the responsibility of hosting services provider. The hosting service company is just supplying the platform, or cloud service as they are called currently, they do not bring traffic to your site. Having said that, the hosting service provider needs to provide fast access to your website from the targeted markets, 24 x7 availability, etc.

While no one can guarantee to a business that they can bring traffic to your website / internet presence we wanted to create opportunities where our services are looking beyond just hosting services.

In doing this we are also addressing the issues of Chinese website certification and the need for local Chinese company.

Our project this year are;