Want to grow your business in China?

Are you getting your share of the large yearly growth of online and mobile shopping, trading and information gathering in China? If not, it's probably due to lack of or poor visibility on the internet to Chinese market.

If you are serious about China, you need to be visible on the Internet in China!

Most overseas websites cannot be seen in China. It is a straight forward process to correct this using Access to China products and services.

We have a unique understanding of the practical and legal web issues, restrictions and requirements in China and how to help companies have optimum web visibility there. We have over 16 years’ experience serving international companies working in China. We are proud to offer a credible, competitive and guaranteed service to our clients.

Our company was founded to help business be seen in China on the internet and to give software companies access to the Chinese market.

This month we see the start of our own Cloud Hosting Services in China. We believe this is a first for an overseas company in China.

Our knowledge and advice is free. Our Chinese Cloud Hosting Services is available when you want to make a start in the Chinese market.



This is our Asia internet hosting services. We have services in;

  • Mainland China**
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Japan

The services are generally website hosting and VPS.

In mainland China we can offer a full arrange of IT services e.g.

  • Dedicated servers
  • Rack space
  • Full virtualisation services

Data Core Website Conversion process.

Our Core Data system takes the information from multi sources of customer data i.e. your company website, and creates a Data Core of information which you can update and modify.

The Data Core, once the information is confirmed to be correct can be used to drive your Chinese website, social media, Chinese APP, etc. The information in the Data Core can also be translated into Chinese.

Website testing services.

The testing service allows you to know if your company website can be seen from inside China.

The testing breaks down the many parts that makes up your company websites and checks they are accessible from China.

Where problems are found on your company website, recommendation are made on how the problems can be fixed. If many cases they are very simple to correct.


Local Asia DNSs to switch between Asia hosting solutions

Local Asia DNSs to give a fast response times within China

Internet traffic tracking

Local Asia tracking of internet traffic. This is normally used to speed up your website response time and replace Google Analytics within China.


Move information on Data Core project

Our services are listed below

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Asia Website hosting services

Website Hosting

Your own dedicated hosting service in Asia for your company website.

o   Your company brochure website hosted in Mainland China.

o   Your company brochure website hosted in Hong Kong giving you access to Asia market.

  • Membership of the B2B66 search engine.
  • 25GB internet traffic per month.
  • 5GB disc storage
  • Mainland China** - £95.00 / 3 months
  • Hong Kong - £59.50 / 3 months
  • Taiwan - £59.50 / 3 months
  • Singapore - £49.50 / 3 months
  • Japan - £49.50 / 3 months

Upgrades are available on request

Your website Chinese accessibility testing - £95.00 (first time) - £49.50 (re-test)

A testing of your existing company website from China and recommendation on any changes needed to make your website accessible in China.

Data Core Website Conversion process

Copy of your exiting website running in China - £95.00 / 3 months

Correction / translation of exiting pages - £95.00 per page or £495 per 10 pages

Translation - £75.00 / 500 words (this can be supplied by the customer)

GEO DNS – included in any Domain / hosting purchase

Asia GEO DNS to manage traffic around China and Asia between copies of your company website

Website tracking and monitor – £29.50 / 3 month

Tracking and monitoring of your website performance in China / Asia.